Matte Ceramic Grinders

With Nano-Ceramic Technology


Here at Vassell's Virtue our goal is to offer our customers premium quality, and innovative products when it comes to herb grinders.


This is how we came up with our Matte Ceramic Grinders, that we also offer in 4 stunning matte colors. However its the Nano-Ceramic Technology  that has everyone raving  over this herb grinder. This innovative and Non-Stick grinder allows for an effortless smooth grind every time, and you will never have to worry about resin  sticking to your grinder again!

It doesn't matter if your Ceramic Grinder is 6 months old, it will still turn and shred like the first time because of the special Nano-Ceramic Technology. Best part is you no longer have to soak your grinder in alcohol just to get it clean, just use the free soft brush tool, and scraper to clean your NEW grinder. 

Stay High Minded!


Nano-Ceramic Herb Grinder

Includes Non-Stick 4 compartment

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