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High quality Titanium & Aluminum grinders.

Lifetime Warranty included!

  • Grinder w/ ceramic non-stick coating to ensure it grinds as easily in 6 months as it does the first day you used it.

  • USDA grade ceramic coating is 100% safe for use with food and organic materials.

  • It contains zero Teflon or PTFE, which can be toxic if ingested.

  • Diameter: 2.5inches/63mm 12 Sharp thunder bolt shaped teeth on bottom

  • 16 Sharp thunder bolt shaped teeth on top

  • Strong neodymium earth magnet to hold grinding compartments together

  • Beautiful array of matte colors in blue,white,black and yellow

  • Micro-holes on grinding compartment and pollen collector forenhanced grip



Matte Ceramic  Grinders

4-Piece compartment

w/ cleaning accessories

  • Glass filter

  • Scraper 

  • cleaning brush

IMG_8139 (1).JPG

Grinder Features

  • Strong neodymium magnets to hold grinding compartment together

  •  Crafted using CNC machining to create a consistent, fluffy grind every time

  •  4-piece, 3 compartment construction with added pollen scraper (First compartment to grind herbs, second to store herbs, and third to collect pollen)

  •  Micro divots drilled into grinding compartment & pollen collector for enhanced grip making grinding effortless

  •  50 sharp teeth for ease of grinding flower; magnet housing also contains teeth so nothing is missed

  •  Large 2.5in diameter design



Crafted using premimum aircraft grade Aluminum.

4 Vibrant Colors: OG Black, Bleu Dream, Pink Paradise, and Blazing Red


Crafted using Titanium for a medical grade standard.

1 Vibrant Color: Acapulco


Crafted using premium aircraft grade Aluminum.

Small 1.5 in diameter design with 23 sharp teeth total. 

2 Vibrant Colors: Mini OG Black, and Supa Silver


Crafted using USDA nonstick nano-ceramic technology


Small 1.5 in diameter design with 23 sharp teeth total. 

4 Matte Colors: Blue, White, Black, & Yellow 

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